Memory Test 86 with Memory Test 86 + 使用方式

1.add Memory Test 86 or Memory Test 86+ cd rom。

2.shall your start device set in cd rom.

3.在開機過程會去read your cd rom's .iso file~please wait...如果是用 super xp 之類的cd rom,要選擇記憶體檢測工具,讀取成功會出現如下圖。

memory test 86 or memory test 86+


Celeron (0.09) 2537 Mhz    //cpu name with speed.

L1 Cache:16K 4131MB/s    //cpu cacheram size with bandwidth.

L2 Cache:256K 6202MB/s

Memory:16M    //memory ram actual size with bandwidth.

Chipset:intel i440BX    //Motherboard chip

Pass:37%    //Test Total Percent.

Test:63%    //single Test Percent.

Test:#5  [Block move, 64 moves]    //single item test item.

Testing:108K - 16M  16M    //Memory Test Range.

Pattern: //Test Value.

Pass:0  //total test equal 100 percent,Pass add one.

Errors:0    //Test Error Times.


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