Indication: ‘Request Time Out’ message from Windows 7 Computer and it’s not responding to ICMP echo requests from other network devices.
All network sharings are working but ping reply is not working , so how to enable ping reply in Windows 7?

Reasons: By default ICMP echo requests, used for ping command is blocked in Windows 7 firewall default settings.


1) Disable the firewall completely in windows 7, which is not recommended.

2) Create an exceptional rule for ICMP echo request to reply ping commands in existing firewall, without disabling it completely.

ICMP Rule in Windows 7 Firewall

Follow the steps steps to create a rule.
These steps are similar to enable ping in Windows Vista

Also Check how to enable ping in Windows XP

1) Go to Windows Firewall in Control panel

enable windows 7 

You can see, Windows Firewall status is On. Click on Advanced settings in left side as mentioned above.

2) Select Inbound Rule, Right clink on it and select New Rule…

enable windows 7 

3) Select Custom (Custom Rule) at last and press Next.

4) Leave All programs and go to Next.

enable windows 7 

5) Click on Protocol type and select ICMP4 as shown below. ICMP4 is the protocol used in ping command when your network is communicating with IPv4.

enable windows 7 

6) Since we are going to apply this rule for any IP, means responds to any IP addresses coming with echo request, select ‘Any IP addresses’ in next screen. You can add specific IP addresses also, if you want your windows 7 computer to respond to them only for ICMP echo request (ping )


enable windows 7 

7) Allow the connection in next screen, press Next.

8.) Keep the all three check boxes checked in the next screen, to apply this rule any type of network you connected.

9) Give a name to this rule. This name will be showing under Inbound Rules in Windows Firewall. In future you can delete the rule by this name.

enable windows 7 

Click Finish.

10) That’s it; these are easy steps to enable ping in windows 7 and the rule will be immediately applied and appeared in inbound rules. Now, Windows 7 computer will be responding to ICMP echo ping requests without disabling or stopping the windows firewall.

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