Arthemia Free Part 3: Defining The Browse Categories Section

One of the best magazine premium themes released is Arthemia by Michael Hutagalung. It is packed with tons of features like great navigation, headline and featured posts, widget ready sidebars, multiple spaces for ads, and overall a wonderful way to display your most important content. Although Arthemia is a wonderful theme, the free version does not come with the extra features or the simplicity of the premium version which has an admin panel that allows you to customize the blog without dealing with confusing PHP. With the free version you must manually go in and add your blogs customization for the theme to work properly. This tutorial was created to make things simpler when customizing and dealing with the coding of the theme by breaking down coding in easy to understand steps and language.

Step 1: If you are following the Arthemia Free Tutorial, then you have just successfully added images to your Headline and Featured sections. Now it is time to define the categories for the ‘Browse Categories’ navigation section. This tutorial might be a little more challenging than the previous 2 tutorials because this tutorial actually deals with some of the coding. The first thing you need to find is the ‘Category ID’ of the categories you would like to be displayed in the ‘Browse Category’ section. There are several plug-ins available that will list your category id’s in the admin panel or you can do it manually.
Manually Finding Category ID’s

  1. Under the ‘Posts’ tab in the admin panel click on the link ‘Categories’
  2. Towards the right will be a list of all of your categories. Hover over the category of your choice
  3. Look at the status bar at the bottom of the screen. You should see the category id listed. 
    Ex. — Your category id would be 57
  4. Repeat these steps until you have the 5 category id’s that you would like to be displayed under the ‘Browse Category’ section.


Having Trouble: Click here to see image guide

Step 2: Now that you have your category id’s it is time to change the theme coding.

  1. Backup your files. Always backup files before changing the coding, just in case you make a mistake.
  2. Under the ‘Appearance’ tab in the admin panel click on the link ‘Editor’ You should be taken to the ‘Edit Themes’ page
  3. Towards the upper right corner there is a drop down box. Make sure that the name of your theme (Arthemia) is selected. If it is not selected choose it from the drop down menu and then press ‘Select’
  4. On the right hand side under Templates click on the link ‘Main Index Template’ index.php.
  5. There is going to be tons of coding. Scroll down until you find the following code. 
    Or a faster way is to search a key word: Press ‘CTRL’ + ‘F’ a search box should appear. Search the word ‘middle’ it should take you right above the code you are looking for.
  6. Change the numbers in the parentheses to the category id’s that you got in Step 1. 
    Ex $display_categories = array(5,6,7,8,11) — becomes — $display_categories = array(35,67,86,44,09)
  7. After you have replace the category id’s scroll down and click on ‘Update’
  8. Go to your blog to see if the 5 categories you have selected appear under the ‘Browse Category Section’.



Having Trouble: Click here to see image guide.


Helpful Tips: Congratulations you have now successfully added categories to the Browse Categories section of your theme.

  • When choosing your browse category, look for your most important categories to be showcased.
  • Always remember to make sure that the proper theme is selected on the ‘Edit Themes’ page, so that you do not accidentally make changes to the wrong theme.
  • Always back up your files when changing the coding
  • The ‘CTRL’ + ‘F’ search option is an easy way to find a certain word in a block of code.
  • Official Support Website: Free Theme Only
  • Great Support Website: Free Theme Only


Final Product – Click Image For Larger View


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