How to use it

DeltaCopy is based on a Client/Server model. All necessary binaries are included in the download file.. Designate one machine as Server and other as client and install the program on both of them.

Following steps show how to use DeltaCopy.

To-do task on the server

  • Execute "DeltaCopy Server".
  • When you first run DeltaCopy Server, it will ask you to register the server as Windows Service.
  • DCServiceInstall.jpg  

  • After registering the service, click the "Start Server" button to run the program as Windows Service
  • DCStartService.jpg  

  • Next, create virtual directories on the server, which is similar to a virtual directory on an FTP or HTTP server.
  • DCVirtualDir.jpg  


To-do task on the client

  • Execute "DeltaCopy Client" on the client machine.
  • Create a new profile. A Profile in DeltaCopy is a group of files that you want to backup together.
  • DCClientMain.jpg  

  • To add file/folders to a profile, drag them from Windows Explorer on to the listbox or click the add File/Folder buttons.
  • Assign a schedule for the profile. DeltaCopy is integrated with Windows Scheduler. This means that your login account must have enough permission to create Scheduled Tasks on the machine.
  • SCSchedule.gif  


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